E-ISSN: 2980-2121
A new line stability index for voltage stability analysis based on line loading
1Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Artvin Coruh University, Artvin, Türkiye
2Adana Organize Industrial Region of Vocational School Technical Sciences,Cukurova University, Adana, Türkiye
Clean Energy Technologies Journal (CETJ) 2023; 1(1): 23-30 DOI: 10.14744/cetj.2023.0004
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Voltage stability has always been a very important issue in the planning and operation of pow-er systems, but today it is much more serious. Power systems are in a transition period. The conventional centralized configuration of the power system has been transforming into a de-centralized and deregulated form. The electrification of different sectors is accelerating the increase in demand for electrical energy. Increasing energy demand, differentiating consump-tion profiles, and diversifying consumers have made power system operations more complex. All these transformations take place in the shadow of rising economic and environmental con-cerns. Therefore, a general approach has been adopted to derive the greatest possible benefit from existing systems, rather than constructing new facilities. As a result, it is aimed to operate the systems close to limit values as much as possible.
The voltage stability of systems operating close to the limit values needs to be examined more precisely. There are many voltage stability indices in the literature. However, most of them are based on various ignorance or assumptions. In this study, a new index is proposed, which is based on line loading and considering multiple line parameters. It has been observed that the suggested index gives consistent results in all varying conditions and different loading types.